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Cellular Antigen Stimulation Test kit (CAST ELISA) from Switzerland; NYRL 886319 affirmed; sulfidoleukotriene (sLT): sLT antigen; sLT antibody

"Chemstrip bG"; "Chemstrip 9U"; composite diagnostic and laboratory reagents; test strips or pads; HRL 953405; "Micral"

The tariff classification of Helix Pomatia Juice (SHP), Helicase®, and Cytohelicase® from France

The tariff classification of AquaHelper( EasyDip( 3-way bromine and 3-way chlorine spa and pool test strips from Poland. Correction to Customs Ruling Number R01193.

New York Ruling Letter D84807; Heparin HyperD® 20(m, Heparin HyperD® M, Blue Ceramic HyperD®, Lysine Ceramic HyperD® and Methyl Ceramic HyperD® chromatographic media, in bulk form, from France.

The tariff classification of Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems from China.

The tariff classification of coated microparticles, for use in electrochemiluminescence-based immunoassays, from Germany

Country of origin marking requirements for diagnostic orlaboratory reagents and prepared culture media exported toCanada for sterilization and returned to the United States;NAFTA marking rules; Essential character; 19 CFR Part 102

The tariff classification of Equitest test strips from France

The tariff classification of Prosep affinity chromatography media, in bulk form, from England

Pg. 1 of 9 • 90 results